Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2014


We have sat back and watched Raf Simons excel in maintaining the core DNA of Christian Dior. This is not to say that his own perspective and flair hasn’t been injected, alongside those bar-jakets and tulip like skirts of course.

The balance of the Pre-Fall 2014 collection was magnificent. Cable knits, bonded crepe and tweed like beading all taken into consideration and intertwined with much precision. Vaguely justified as being “about infiniteness”, and a “haunting beauty”, Raf Simons intricately planted landscapes of Dutch tulip fields and Belgian beaches alike within the collection.

The look book itself featured models;  Sasha Luss, Larissa Hofmann, Katlin Aas and Ashleigh Good.

Do take a gander.

Dior_005_1366.1366x2048Dior_019_1366.1366x2048Dior_016_1366.1366x2048Dior_013_1366.1366x2048with love.


Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2014


One can say that Monsieur Wang has now been at Balenciaga long enough to have settled, to have found his feet and to be deep in his best work yet.

There is now doubting that his latest Pre-Fall 2014 collection exudes the confidence of a long standing creative director, yet we can’t ignore its slightly over-thought and disjointed ways. This isn’t to say that there aren’t some outstanding looks though.

Alexander Wang described this collection as “techno couture”, which would explain the pixelated looking printed sweater and bursts of waterproof zips. It was quite futuristic in every sense, even down to the linear piping and crazy curved shoulder pads. As futuristic as it was, its tailored pant suits had a very Gattaca feel to them.


It’s sporty and digital ways made even the shoulder pads look like they had some underlining aerodynamic benefits. Yes, dear Alexander is now designer turned inventor.

There were much added hardware and toggles which alluded to snowboarding references, which was then met with the strict tailoring and shapes of the more solemn, bonded wool pieces. Even the footwear resembled boots fit for snowy, -10 terrains with their laces and fur coverings.


Once again to his credit Wang has attempted to harness and apply the old school voluminous silhouettes of Christòbal Balenciaga, yet at times it doesn’t feel very natural. The last couple of looks flaunted curved, circular backs, whilst cocoon like shapes featured in plenty of the collection.

And lets not forget that long sleeve silk column gown. Pure genius.


The lookbook featured models Lexi BolingKasia JujeczkaZuzu and Anna Ewers.

with love.


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Chloè Pre-Fall 2014


Coming from people who relish every and any opportunity to throw on a coat, Chloè‘s revival of the blanket coat is welcomed with open arms. Hello comfort.

For Pre-Fall 2014, Clare Waight Keller played with the ol’ blanket, morphing it into gorgeous capes, short jackets and thick scarf like wraps. The pieces were trimmed with thick piping and gave way to pockets of patch-worked fluffy fur.

This heavy wool was met with the typical frivolity of any Chloè show which manifested itself in chiffon frills and ruffled skirts. Hemlines took the form of rounded cascading waterfalls, paired with very thick-soled mule resembling footwear.

Special mention must also go to the above the knee, thigh skimming boots.

So much glorious, glorious outerwear. It’s all very London.

Chloe__008_1366.1366x2048Chloe__013_1366.1366x2048 with love.


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