Collaborating With Us

Although THE AFFAIR is still a relatively new blog, we are already receiving many positive reviews and are gaining a dedicated amount of readers.

We are always eager to collaborate with brands, businesses and other bloggers alike, so don’t hesitate to ask!

THE AFFAIR statistics

2,700+ instagram followers
– 3,600+ followers (wordpress & tumblr) and 400+ followers via. bloglovin

If you’d like to know further information about THE AFFAIR statistics, e-mail us  at (

How can we work together?

– Sponsored post         
– Giveaways (sponsored items)/ Product Reviews
– General site sponsorship
– Advertisement Banners

We have previously teamed up with…

Bloggers:                     Francesca Guterres        []

                                       Amy Hamilton                []

                                       Eileen Willows                 []

                                       Lucy Amon                        []

                                       Dan Castano                     []

Photogtaphers :        Street Smith (Liz)            []

One thought on “Collaborating With Us

  1. I’d love to work with The Affair as I am a fashion lover and highly interested in interior design and decorating. I am very passionate about both and have unique and stylish posts to share with readers.

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