Fix My Skin (Please)

GENERIC-TEMPLATEDesperate times call for desperate measures. 

I feel like this is the era of skincare for me. I have always been one to spend no more than the bare minimum on skincare, I am now on the quest to find the best potions and lotions for my temperamental skin type.

a. Perricone MD “Blue Plasma”

b. Perricone MD “Nourishing Mousturiser”

c. Mario Badescu “Special Cleansing Lotion O”

d. Mario Badescu “AHA Botanical Body Soap”

Click through to read what I think of the products…


My first taste of Perricone MD was their no foundation foundation, and from there on I have been aching to try their many other more skincare-like products. Blue Plasma for starters is one of their most infamous products. Marketed as a “non-acidic peel for brightness and radiance”, its aim is to give you all the benefits of a hard core peel in a more gentle form, leaving your skin hydrated, and just very healthy looking. I’ve only recently started using it (followed by their Hypoallergenic Nourishing Mousturiser), so I look forward to seeing the results of this super duo.

Blame it on hormones, blame it on excessive fake tan use, I recently purchased a combo of hard hitting Mario Badescu cleansing products to tackle my super oily shoulder and back region and it has worked an absolute treat. Only two days of the use of this soap and lotion (once daily) has made for great improvements. Not to mention they are both quite a steal at around $10 each. No regrets there.

…as a side note, I also just realised that Mr. Porter stocks Perricone MD products but not Net-a-Porter, hmmmmm

with love.


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