Home away from home

There’s something ever so decadent about the hotel lifestyle.

The beds are always freshly made, food is delivered to your door, and, most importantly, you don’t have to deal with the weird idiosyncrasies of housemates (shared bathrooms, no thank you). For those days when you wish you had a team of people catering to your every whim, here’s a list of the world’s most stylish establishments.lamLe Meurice: a stay at Le Meurice in Paris is probably the closest you’ll get to feeling like Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette. The hotel features silk curtains, extravagant pastries, and spacious walk-in wardrobes, conveniently located near the Louvre and rue St-Honore.markThe Mark: this is where the A-listers stay when they’re in New York. Sleep in Italian linen, bathe in marble baths, admire Central Park from your window, and know you’ve made it big time. Highlights include the black truffle and brie cheeseburger from the Mark Restaurant and 24 hour access to Bergdorf Goodman – they’ll deliver to your door, free of charge. whiteThe Whitepod: for the more adventurous of us, the Whitepod is an eco-hotel located in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Stay in igloo-like, luxurious ‘pods’, with easy access to saunas, a massage parlour, and fondue (yum). If you like skiing, this is the most stylish way to do it. claskaClaska: tucked away in the district of Meguro, Tokyo, Claska is the place to go for cool, cutting-edge Japanese design. The space is marked by minimalist style, whimsical decor and tireless attention to detail; it almost feels more like a gallery than a hotel.budapestThe Grand Budapest: technically, this isn’t a real hotel, but we’d pay anything to stay a night in Wes Anderson’s masterpiece. The Grand Budapest is a magnificent layer cake of a building, a fantastical place where service is always exceptional, the clientele are impossibly wealthy, and Herr Mendel’s pastry shop is only a short cable car ride away – just watch out for Madame D’s murderous relatives.

This piece was written by our contributing writer Holly, see more of her work here.
with love.


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