Goodness Gracious Me


Glow Baby Glow.

Contrary to how it may appear, finding that perfect balance of ‘glow’ when it comes to skin is not the most easy. Treading the thin line of shiny (yes, that dreaded word that has had us stuffing our bags with blotting papers), that fresh faced glow is made even more difficult for those cursed with combination to oily skins. One word; t-zone.

Never the less here is a combination of products all from Hourglass which we have been testing out to achieve that perfect finish, and have subsequently fallen in love with.

a. Hourglass “Nº 28 Primer Serum”

b. Hourglass “Veil Fluid MakeUp No 2”

c. Hourglass “Ambient Lighting Powder in Radient Light”

2c2e7ed201eb258cf714fd9609670ecewith love, Natalie.


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