Porter: The Glossy

rs_634x792-140205094530-634.Gisele-Bundchen-Porter-Magazine.jl.020514Two days ago, the visionaries at Net-A-Porter (that’s a silent ‘r’ to those non French natives), released their breakthrough glossy “Porter”.

As a natural extension of the online shopping juggernaut, Porter has been strategised as the first “global” fashion publication. With this as their greatest bargaining tool, Porter has reportedly been pricing advertising space starting at $57,000, including both print and digital placements.

The more cynical of us would merely assumer that Net-A-Porters development into the already crowded world of glossy’s is one to merely further push their sales. Although according to those such as Business of Fashion’s Imran Amed they have more of a subtle way of going about things in that department, rather than overtly emphasising it.

In other words, Porter is being pitched as a service to us, its nearest and dearest, globally.

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We have notices a switch from Net-A-Porter in the last 12 months or so to be focusing on more of an editorial stance, in addition to their e-commerce business. Their monthly “edit” online publication headed by Lucy Yeomans is almost a publication in itself.

Although, at the end of the day it still must run as a profitable business, and has been reported to have made an operating loss of about $40 million in 2013. This loss can be largely put down to its overwhelming emphasis on other parts of the Net-A-Porter strategy, including various human talents.

Which has us wondering, how “Porter” will unfold in the coming months, or even years. Although the team behind it has high hopes, and even higher advertising margins.

Their first edition features supermodel Gisele Bundchen on its cover, photographed very naturally by Inez & Vinoodh.

Business of Fashion‘s “Exclusive Video: Inside Net-a-Porter’s Strategy for ‘Porter’ Magazine.”

with love, Natalie.


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