Scent Repellers

We’ve come to understand that the concept of Man Repelling comes in many forms. On the one hand, the ideal Man Repelling femme would be rocking a goth ninja esque look akin with ironically worn sport brand’s. Yet, on the other hand, they could have swapped their caramel and oh so sweet scented fragrances for something more… unisex?


Exhibit A is Dyptique‘s “Philosykos”, who we would recommend for she [or he] who wishes to smell like the subtle scent of fresh figs. Or rather, an actual fig tree. This eau de toilette is super fresh and alluring in its own right. But of course, figs aren’t the most contemporary turn on.

Secondly, we have been loving a handful of the Tom Ford scents. But given their hefty price tag [of around $250] we have resorted to relying on their decently sized sample’s. Ford’s “White Suede” is a sure hit with both of us. Unlike Dyptique’s fig infused scent, White Suede takes the concept of unisex fragrances to more of a deep cologne realm. Mention must also be made to Tom Ford’s “Tobacco Vanille”, with its spicy tobacco meets warm vanilla notes that remind of nothing less than his film A Single Man.

Therefore, we live in fear of meeting a guy who is slathered in same fragrance as us on a night out.

Because that would be a bad thing right?

a. Diptyque “Philosykos”

b. Tom Ford “White Suede”

c. Tom Ford “Tobacco Vanille”

with love.


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