Balenciaga Spring 2014


As fashion week picks up and moves on, we still can’t get a certain Alexander Wang masterpiece out of our minds.

The pure euphoria of the Spring 2014 Balenciaga show was one of a real rare kind. There was so much to drool over and admire, it was the kind of show which we could not fault. And of course, a show of impeccable pieces that we know Monsieur Wang for all too well.

“The idea was to start strong and austere, and let that unravel,” spoke Wang, and indeed it unraveled just enough for us to be treated to glimpses of Wang’s cool-edge. A big thank-you must also be extended for the Balenciaga set design team for that rearview mirror, for the full 360 degree experience.a_4x-vertical-4

Historically speaking, Balenciaga has always been body defined, akin with sculpted torsos. Body defined with a hint of sport-influences, so Wang was destined to thrive at the house.  Recognisable by its infamous cocoon shapes, Wang gave this structured shape a softness with pale pinks, cream, white and soft blues.

Then he added pattern. And boy did it work. Swirling floral motifs were transferred from structured tops to tailored butterfly shorts. Which brings us to the alarming amount of matching separates in the collection.

So, there was manipulated leather, which was embroidered here and there and cut to absolute perfection. There was a dose of modesty and alluring sophistication in both the silk cape-back tops and caped jackets. Not to mention the amazing shoes and wrap-around brace like neck hardware.



In “want[ing] to bring [an] ease into the DNA and codes of the house that I’m working with,” Wang succeeded beyond even this, and we feel that even Cristóbal Balenciaga would agree.

The Balenciaga woman has never looked so feminine, cool and strong.

a_4x-vertical-11a_4x-vertical-19a_4x-vertical-20a_4x-vertical-28a_4x-vertical-26a_4x-vertical-5with love.


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