Calvin Klein Spring 2014


Calvin Klein‘s women’s creative director Francisco Costa has had much success at the helm of the brand, with this Spring 2014 collection marking his very exciting tenth anniversary!

Much of the collection was what we have come to expect from Costa’s work for Calvin Klein- monochromatic with an edge of reduced sportswear.

Deconstruction and reconstruction were on the agenda, in a harmonious balance of quite and strong.

Garments were adhered with coloured fringing, and there were pieces completely made up of emerald, red, white and  green handwoven cotton tweed. We then witnessed flashes of pink as Costa allowed himself to experiment with new ideas, pushing the envelope even further.

Unfinished skirt-hems were matched with translucent organza pieces an knits which allowed the haphazardness of the finishing to be given a little lightness. Dropped-waist fringe covered lengthy dresses in both white and black finished the show consecutively, displaying the excellent construction and restraint Francisco Costa has become renowned for.

Francisco Costa you have done us proud once again. 

2e4131ff4c351a99123038aa1a360443with love.


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