When All Else Fails

black tote…reach for a black shopper

We’re talking about the grandiose hybrid tote/shopper/structured handbag or whatever you choose to call it, and it has never looked quite as good. Nothing beats a good black leather shopper with golden hardware.

Note: it also has a certain ode to anonymity about it, escaping much of the it-bag-syndrome. 

Apart from just making significant modifications to the name of the Saint Laurent house, Hedi Slimane made some changes to their range of classic bags. Firstly, as you can see within the last two bags (the bottom which is of the old style, and the slightly higher one which is of the new), Hedi replaced the regal, bold “Y” with the simple golden brand name of simply “Saint Laurent” of course.

Likewise, Victoria Beckham has also done the black-shopper thing very well with her self titled “Victoria” bags (oh can’t you just smell the vanity), and this one as pictured above is actually matte as welll, do double kudos to her design team.

a. Fendi “2 Jours medium tectured-leather shopper”

b. Givenchy “lucrezia medium tote”

c. Victoria Beckham “the victoria matte-leather tote”

d. Saint Laurent “classic duffle 6 leather bag”

e. Saint Laurent “cebas chyc medium leather shopper”

with love.

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