Birth Control or Birkenstocks

GENERIC-TEMPLATE-3To those like us whose Instagram newsfeed is brightened with the photographs and accompanying witty captions of Leandra Medine (otherwise known as the Man Repeller), you may recall her post on Birkenstocks, captioned simply with; “birth control or birkenstocks”.

We’re all for man repelling, but we cannot deal with the recent re-emergence of the Birkenstock. Let’s just say that no matter how much Vogue claims that they are back, we refuse to allow them into our fashion peripheries.

Leandra may thrive on the unsung joys of electing to wear ugly footwear, but we cannot. We will not.

And that means that we also unashamedly say “no” to Phoebe Philo’s fur-lined Birkenstock-esque slip-ons of the Spring 2013 Celine show.

with love.


Photographs sourced via. various Pinterest’s 

3 thoughts on “Birth Control or Birkenstocks

  1. Thank god, I thought I was alone on this! Let them stay in the 60’s or in the feet of old and corny german tourists where they belong. xo Marez

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