Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture Fall 2013

IMG_6773-kopieren1We have been following the work of Iris van Herpen for a while, and she is indeed in a league of her own.

Each piece is embedded with thought-provoking ideas, and drenched with exquisite detailing. In her most recent collection, van Herpen embarked on an exploration of wilderness, nature and how the human body fits into that.

Motifs of nature can be seen through the way in which the organic shapes spiral around the bodies of the models, forming extraordinary silhouettes.

ivh 1

They are architectural, constrained, yet wild. Her designs are transcending the natural limits of clothing, in almost morphing the human figure into something abstract, something changed. The collection is decked with many “hard-shell” looking designs, which themselves are embedded in intricate detail. And not to mention the nymph-like ethereal makeup and hair, which brings to collection together magically.

Now remind us, what’s the difference between fashion and art again?


“For me, fashion has always been about setting your own boundaries and making a statement.”

-Iris van Herpen7Z7B74252

with love.

1040464 1040455 1040468 1040467 1040466 1040458 IMG_6823-kopieren1

Photographs sourced via.

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