Good Reads


Somehow we have accumulated quite an extensive reading list on our Safari browser. Maybe due to the fact that we are just too busy to read them, or most likely because we are a tad lazy. But hey, we’ll get to them one day….

Never the less, here are a couple of the articles we have sourced from the internet’s depth’s which deserve a squizz.

a.Facebook Leans In’ by Kurt Eichenwald for Vanity Fair

b. ‘Brooklyn Girl’: The Selling of a New Type by Yael Kohen for The Cut

c. ‘Traveling Solo: A Manifesto for the Modern Woman’ by Ann Friedman for The Cut

d. ‘Kate Upton and the Return of the Supermodel’ by Vicki Hogarth for Huffpost Style

e. ‘Can Australia’s struggling fashion industry support its new stars?’ by Sarah Scheller O’Donnell for The Guardian

with love.


Photographs sourced via. various Pinterest’s 

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