Maison Martin Margiela Haute Couture Fall 2013


Once again, the Maison Martin Margiela “Artisinal” collection was terribly beautiful in it’s expose of ‘environmentally friendly’ avant garde creations. Creations they were indeed, with faux flowers sewed to hems amongst many other reclaimed vintage pieces.

This time, the faces of the MMM models were hidden behind ornate masks which were unique to each of the looks. With anonymity as their identity, and design ingenuity as their trademark they continue to leave the models identifiable.


Okay, so there were blue latex jeans, silk tulle pieces (apparently from a 950s prom dress sourced in New York) , and even seemingly normal blue jeans (rolled up at the hem) which were then combined with cabochon embroidered head piece/mask things which covered the bust.

Therefore the ornate collection utilised many textiles to create it’s well; ornate effect. I’ll have you know that Margiela (the designer) was once known to be inspired by objects of the flea market-explaining the ‘coat made out of a Beijing opera costume dating from the 1930s’.

Creation, re-creation, birth, re-birth, name it what you want, the artisinal collections of Marison Martin Margiela are truly ones of patch-worked avante grade glory.




1040702 1040704 1040703 1040707 1040705 1040706 1040701

Photographs sourced via. Dazed & Confused (Lea Colombo) & 
with love.

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