Prada Spring 2014 [Menswear]


Ugly Pretty.

Miuccia thrives on it.

“Ugly is attractive, ugly is exciting, Maybe because it is newer” (Miuccia Prada, NY Times T Magazine interview).Treating fashion as art, Miuccia draws parallels to the sense of ugliness which is very much alive in art and films, yet in fashion she notes it is scandalous- a taboo.


The menswear collection of Prada Spring/Summer 2014 embodied Miuccia’s feminist mantra to a ‘T’. It included eleven strong-shouldered female models for crying out loud. [To be sold as their resort collection], the women donned dressed which featured all those mismatched prints which were worked into the menswear.

The set was called “Menacing Paradise”, think tropical paradise turned deadly war zone. It was a “questioning the cliché of the exotic, the cliché of the perfect summer – impossible happiness” (Miuccia Prada). The show space was made up of beautiful sunsets, a helicopter straight out of  Apocalypse Now, a town, water and palms. Miuccia counteracted the beautiful paradise with human ugliness. The soundtrack was overlapped by the thudding sound of chopper’s, adding to the uneasy, almost threatening vibe.

We can’t help thinking Don Draper in Hawaii with Megan, which also happens to kick off his downward psychologically menacing spiral (as the collection may appear bright and sunny at a glance, but it is dark and foreboding at its core).


“Prada’s designs stem from an inner vision of herself,” (Cathy Horyn) as we see Miuccia position the Prada women as rather; holding the cards, a knowing seductress. This led to a lack of power being bestowed to the men, even given it is labeled menswear. Dressed in floral, tropical prints, tailored pieces, and silk the men were crafted as characters from films, heartthrobs, objects of affection.

“This is more complicated, more challenging. Just ‘clothes’ is boring. We need more passion, more humanity.” 

-Miuccia Prada



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with love.

4 thoughts on “Prada Spring 2014 [Menswear]

  1. SS14 is going to be a dark affair. I already noticed this during London Collections and intersting to see that the trend continues in Milan. I love the clashing prints and it does indeed remind of the 60s. Although, I can’t really picture Don in any of the floral looks. He’s way too macho for them 🙂

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