Womenswear Resort 2014


Menswear Spring/Summer 2014


Discribing his womenswear collection as “disturbed workwear”, J.W.Anderson to us, turned those utilitarian pieces into avant garde works of Japanese minimalist goodness.

In an ode to those origami like techniques of the wrapping and folding sort, Anderson deconstructed, re-thought and distorted silhouettes; making for many conversation starters. His rather disregard for the societal gender constraints is both admirable and frankly refreshing. Both collections feature a very clinical palette of black, white, nude, the occasional bursts of red and yellow.

There were countless great knitted pieces, as well as intriguing cut-outs and suspensions which were almost gravity defying. Yet, oversized pants under tunic like tops (all in black) made up most of his works. In the womenswear collection, Anderson crafted micro-pleated woollen skirts with raw edging, which were matched with asymmetric tops.

As mentioned by Matthew Schneier in Style.com‘s review of the menswear collection, J.W.Anderson’s work creates and provokes much dialogue.

Is he taking the piss with those suspended rectangular cut-outs?

Why has he reduced menswear to “column architecture”(Anderson)?

It’s all very exciting.



a_4x-verticaljw-anderson-resort2014-runway-02_180753898579 jw-anderson-resort2014-runway-06_180755455862 jw-anderson-resort2014-runway-07_180756626770

Photographs sourced via. Style.com

with love.

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