Christopher Kane Resort 2014

There is no denying that this is some of Christopher Kane‘s best work. The outstanding collection plucked motif’s straight from the early digital age. Mentioning that he “love[d] science”, Kane applied much of those computerised special effects to his resort collection.

As unique and beautiful as they were, Kane used his inspiration which came from the linear/wire qualities of computer games straight from the ’70’s and ’80’s to create delicate, lacy features. He embellished these lacy flower images to jersey jumpers, shift dresses and finally gowns alike.

Decked in pop-art shades, as well as black and white, the web like lace framed most of the collection, giving it a sensual and delicate look. Yet, there were also body-con dress, wrapped in pop-art coloured tape, and linear images of the human body applied to white-cotton tops. One of our favourite looks was that pictured first, where chambray jean shorts are beautifully paired with an entirely white lace top. Doses of red and yellow were also a large part of the collection, in school-girl like shapes and equipped with large, round, diamonte buttons.

The hybrid web/lace motif is a perfect example of the creative mind of Christopher Kane, as he beautifully ties in an entire collection and aligns with his nerdy-science fetish. How exciting- especially for the resort season.



Photographs sourced from:

with love.

5 thoughts on “Christopher Kane Resort 2014

  1. I love this post! Great review and awesome images. Christopher Kane is one of my favorites – it seems he always finds an inventive way to combine knowledge (and science in particular) and fashion, and there is no one who makes clothing quite like him. Fabulous!

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