Marc Jacobs Resort 2014


Loungewear and fur that  Miuccia would approve of, made for the concoction that was Marc Jacob‘s Resort collection. What says resort wear better than nautical stripes and Jacob’s infamous silk pyjama sets anyway?

Having had a flick back to Jacob’s last Resort collection, this time round is much more demure. “Relaxed, [with a] casual feeling” (Joseph Carter), the collection oozes comfort, and an underlying ode to Chanel’s Deuville with it’s mariniere stripes. In subtly paying homage to Chanel, this makes us ponder the thought of Jacob’s at Chanel (it seems a very fitting thought to us.)

Jacob’s thrives in the compilation of nostalgic eras, with 30’s (drop waist dresses) meeting ’70’s and the ’60’s meet ’90’s (crop tops), and it all works incredibly well.

Jamie Bochert is the standout in this cookbook, modelling alongside Charlotte Tomaszewska & Zlata Mangafic with tousled locks. Sprawled on the incredibly comfortable looking (fluffly as hell) striped pillows and throw, each of the model’s look glamorously undone (resembling the Miu Miu S/S 2013 Campaign SO MUCH). Oddly-pleated skirts, satin bralets and sequin jackets tied with silk ribbons make up much of the lookbook. Alongside short fur coats, striped t-shirts, silk dresses and Birkenstock esque thick-buckled sandals.

From the man who dresses his muses in silk pyjamas, Jacob’s has truly brought back the luxury which is silk pyjamas. Yet surely, surely Marc has had enough of pyjamas as day-wear for now.


with love.




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with love.

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