Theyskens’ Theory Resort 2014


Alright so Olivier Theyskens admits that he is “kind of obsessed with cool girls”. Surprised? We’re not.

This (resort) semi-season, Theyskens’ Theory gave us their usual monochromatic neutrals mixed with sharp tailoring, whilst as per usual delving into the world of crazy unknown textures. We can’t get enough of the collection’s ’90’s esque sportswear, with the re-introduction of the good ol’ crop top and the bomber jacket. And who can miss the showcasing of the new and improved Theysken style bermuda short.

In opening our eyes to new textures, Olivier shows us glimpses of technical materials, in the form of dense 3-D mesh and a silk embossed striped multi-purpose fabric. Hint’s of skin are layered with tailored pieces such as a narrow tailored french blue (as well as patterned) pant. Whilst full-skirted silhouettes are draped with fur and tattered denim jackets.

As for the colour palette, tones of not-quite-black are meshed with stark white, stone grey and denim blue. Creating an overall very versatile collection, Olivier focused on the “real essentials” with the strongly edited look book focussing on those quintessential wardrobe basics (of the chic Theyskens’ woman… of course).



(Photographs sources via.

with love.

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