BLK DNM x Gisele Bundchen


BLK DNM? We only first uncovered this brand when Australian boutique Green With Envy began stocking them earlier this year. With fab leather jackets, sheer black t-shirt style tops, classic jeans and cotton t-shirts; Think Alexander Wang meets ACNE and you’re on the right track.

Well you have good reason not to have actually heard of them, because this marks the “cult sub-Fourteenth Street” (Style File) denim label’s first campaign. Or moreover, their first form of actual advertising ever, which was launched in New York City yesterday. So fittingly, they decided that Gisele’s superstar ass should be featured front and centre . Captured by the brand’s creative director Johan Lindeberg himself, “[they] drove together in that car to Brooklyn for the shoot” (Lindeberg) in an “’85 Mercedes”.

Gisele is photographed in a raw manner which is quite representative of the nature of both leather and denim as materials. The Campaign image itself is quite muted in its tones and almost grainy. It also reminds us somewhat of Rag & Bone’s candid campaign’s.



 (These are some other photographs which are the products of a collaboration between the designer and Gisele, showcased at a private viewing at BLK DNM).

with love.

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